Monday, May 12, 2014

Blogger JSON Feed Api

Zakososa Weblogs: Blogger JSON Feed Api. Kumpulan bahasa Blogger JSON Feed Api
ObjekDeskripsiContoh$tShow blog,1999:blog-12345
json.feed.updated.$tLast update of a blog2013-07-08T18:21:57.051+07:00
json.feed.category[]Categories / label array of a blog
json.feed.category[i].termShow the i-th categoryBlogger
json.feed.title.$tShow blog nameZakososa Weblogs
json.feed.subtitle.$tShow description of a blogZakososa Weblogs adalah blog personal sderhana[]Array of blog authorsZaenal Abidin, Zaenal Arifin[i].name.$tShow the i-th blog author nameZaenal Abidin[i].uri.$tShow the i-th profile author uri
json.feed.openSearch$totalResults.$tShow total posts777
json.feed.entry[]Posts array of a blog
json.feed.entry[i].id.$tShow the i-th post,
json.feed.entry[i].title.$tShow the i-th post titleBlogger JSON Feed API
json.feed.entry[i].published.$tShow time published of the i-th post2013-07-07T12:56:00.000+07:00
json.feed.entry[i].updated.$tShow when the i-th post is updated2013-07-07T12:56:47.089+07:00
json.feed.entry[i].category[]Show array of post categories
json.feed.entry[i].category[x].termShow the x-th category of the i-th postBlogger API
json.feed.entry[i].summary.$tShow post summaryBerikut ini adalah berbagai macam ...
json.feed.entry[i].content.$tShow post contentBerikut ini adalah berbagai macam Blogger JSON Feed API yang bisa digunakan untuk membuat widget recent post dan sebagainya ...
json.feed.entry[i].link[]Links array of a post
json.feed.entry[i].link[x].hrefShow the x-th link of the i-th posthttp://www.zakososa
json.feed.entry[i].author[]Array of post authors
json.feed.entry[i].author[x].name.$tName of the x-th author on the i-th postZaenal Abidin
json.feed.entry[i].author[x].uri.$tShow uri author profile
json.feed.entry[i].author[x].gd$image.srcImage uri of the x-th author profile on the i-th post//
json.feed.entry[i].media$thumbnail.urlShow image on the i-th post
json.feed.entry[i].thr$total.$tShow total threaded comments7

Semoga bermanfaat..
Zaenal Abidin
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